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Released: Jan 11, 2008
Updated: Jan 19, 2008 by weloytty
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Release Notes


This is the third packaged release. I recommend that you either install the code itself and build your own, or build this from source with the code packaged in here. If the pre-compiled binaries work for you, that's great, but my testing has been limited to XP on a virtual PC. Please let me know what works and what doesnt, and I will package this up with fixes, etc.

Major changes for this BETA release:

- error handling is vastly improved. well, it isnt so much IMPROVED as ADDED.


  • stsm.exe: *

This is a CLI app I use to exercise the API. Be careful with this BETA software. While I do not have support for deleting (anything) in this, please note that it is beta software, and while I've tried to make sure it wont break anything, and I will feel really bad if it destroys all of your photos, there are no guarantees.
  • FillMyMug.exe *

WPF sample. It's a coffee cup that you can sit on your desktop and drag and drop pictures onto, to send to your smugmug account. I just got it working, so it's very rough, but it shows more of how to use the API from your own apps.


DLL that does the work.

I've also included source for the above, and debug symbols.

System Requirements:

Should work on anything that supports .NET Framework 2.0. My extensive testing facilities include a virtual PC image of XPSP2, and things seem to work on it. The WPF sample requires FW 3.5

How to use stsm:


D:\documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\FillMyMug\sendtosmugmug\bin\Debug>.\stsm.exe

There are 0 arguments

stsm -U -P password -F filename -A albumname -C Create Album -L A
-U username
-P password
-F filename (fully qualified. Can be a wildcard
-D directory (fully qualified. Can't use with -F
-A albumname
-C Create album (if necessary)
-L A List Albums (if -L A) or Categories (if -L C)
-CAPTION "caption in quotes" (with -F or -D)
-KEYWORDS "keywords,separated,by,commas,and,in,quotes" (with -F or -D)
-DOWNLOAD directory. Downloads files from a given album to a directory. Must be used with -A


stsm.exe -U -P whatever -F c:\hold\whatever.jpg -A "My Album Name" will send file whatever.jpg to the album given

stsm.exe -U -P whatever -D c:\hold\ -A "My Album Name" -CAPTION "Hi There"
will send all files in c:\hold to Album "My Album Name" and caption them "Hi There"

As I said, the CLI app is more of a tool I use to test the DLL. I'll make fixes anyone sends in (mainly because I will be so excited someone actually saw it and took the trouble to ask for them) as time permits. The DLL is my main interest, I have several other projects going (a screensaver, a WPF uploading tool, etc) that all rely on the functionality involved here.

How to use FillMyMug

Start the app, and marvel at the crappy photoshop job I did. Hit the configure button to set your UID/PWD, etc. (The UID/PWD can be saved, they are encrypted and stored in the registry. I believe I did the encryption properly (in that I used System.Security.Cryptography.ProtectedData), but I'd appreciate any feedback. Anyway, after you configure, you should just be able to drag and drop files onto the coffee cup to have them uploaded. This application needs improvement, especially in the feedback it gives the user while the application is uploading pictures. The next release or so will see some major changes/improvements to this application.

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